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The toilet in the main bathroom (as opposed to the master bathroom) had the seat on it break (actually, it was a bolt in the hinge), so we reported that to the maintenance people at the apartment complex last week.

We found a note on the toilet a couple of days later that said the whole toilet needed to be replaced. Apparently it was cracked and was about to become a problem.

Sunday Jenn and I went shopping. When we came home our old toilet was sitting out on the curb and there was a guy in our apartment installing the new toilet. I talked to him for a bit and it turns out not only was our old toilet cracked, but it also wasn’t installed level, so we’re really lucky we didn’t end up flooding out the people downstairs.

Not that I would have minded that so much; they bug me. It just would have been something I didn’t need to deal with.

So we got this new toilet. Due to the old toilet not being level, there was a little bit of a gap between the toilet bottom and the floor. The cat liked to take a length of yarn and run feverishly around the base of the toilet until the yarn caught in the gap and then she’d wrap the yarn firmly around the base. This new toilet doesn’t have a gap.

The result of there being no gap is that we heard the cat running around the base of the new toilet for probably half an hour last night, trying to get that string caught in the nonexistent gap. Every once in a while, she’d be running so fast that she’d lose control and fly sideways into the garbage can in the bathroom, which would consequently *clang* against the side of the bathtub and echo. We thought there was someone hammering something or breaking in; turns out it was just the cat.

I’m not sure if she eventually just lost interest or got it hooked somehow, but when I glanced in the bathroom this morning, her yarn was wrapped around the base of the toilet.