Wireless Networking Corrections

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After getting my wireless networking set up at home, it turns out it didn’t like something or another about how it was configured… I’m not sure exactly what that something might have been, but it was really pretty bitchy with me. I secured it down, set up my laptop, and everything would work great… except it would drop my connection roughly every 10 - 20 minutes, regardless of signal strength.

I have since reset the router (using the hardware button in the back) and reconfigured it to my liking and now I’m testing it. As we speak, I’m writing my blog over the wireless connection (don’t get technical with me about how HTTP is stateless and I’m not actually connected; the point is I’m watching the signal and connection on a status monitor). It’s been connected for 15 minutes or so now and I think it may be solved (knock on wood).

The other weird thing I found was that if I booted the laptop up with the wireless card in it, it wouldn’t connect to the DHCP server on the router to get an IP address. However, if I eject the card and plug it back in, all’s well. Apparently stupid things like that are reasonably common, or so I hear. I dunno. I think ejecting the card and pushing it back in is a pretty trivial thing on the large scale of things.