I Need A Metal Dance Pad

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I will admit I’m a fan of the game Dance Dance Revolution, but I’ll also admit I suck at it. Why? I’ve only ever really played on a reasonably cheap soft dance pad. (Well, that and I’m totally not coordinated. But we’ll blame the pad for my shortcomings and move on.)

To that end, I think I need to get a metal dance pad. Arcade feel, no slipping around (which is the biggest problem I have with the soft pad)… might be a good thing. Costs $139 plus shipping, but I’d wager if you’re going to actually PLAY the game, this is probably the way to go.

Plus, I can see that the health benefits may be in my favor. I hate exercise, but I love Dance Dance. May be something to think about, seeing as how the PS3 and XBox Next (as they’re being called, respectively) won’t be out for another year or two, and those will be my next console-related investments of significance, methinks.