Needed: pMachine To dasBlog Conversion Utility

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My site may be moving from a Unix-based server over to a Windows 2003 server. To the end users, that shouldn’t make a difference, but to me, that means a few decisions.

Do I continue to use pMachine, which I just recently migrated to and took so long to configure to my liking? Or do I migrate to dasBlog, the best .NET-based blog package? I’ve had people tell me dasBlog rocks, and with pMachine being a PHP/MySQL package… well, I’d rather run on .NET, if you know what I mean. That’s where my expertise lies, and with the ability to use .NET to extend the blog, how can I pass that up?

On the other hand, do I want to deal with that?

Not to mention that, to my knowledge, there’s no pMachine-to-dasBlog conversion utility. When I moved from GreyMatter to pMachine, I was able to import my entries so things weren’t lost. Moving from pMachine to dasBlog, I may not have that luxury.

Which means, of course, that I’d have to write one myself. It wouldn’t have to be robust, since it’d only have to work once, but what a pain in the ass! Do I need to even take something like that on? Or would it just be better to run PHP and MySQL on Windows and call it a day?

The featureset, functionality, and extensibility is there in dasBlog, where it’s harder for me to do stuff in pMachine. My stuff is already in pMachine, though, and I’ve done a lot of work to make it just so… Something to think about, I guess.