Working At Work

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Today’s my first day back at work (that is, actually at the office) since the winter storm fiasco last week and let me tell you how nice that is. I’m not very social at work or anything, but being in a place designated particularly for work is much better for focus, and hearing the other guys in the department doing their thing… well, it’s more social than sitting at home trying to get the cat to stop climbing my back.

First thing this morning I got here and there was a minor database-related crisis on one of our intranet servers, so that took most of my morning hashing that out. Stupid SharePoint Team Services…

I scheduled my last test for my Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification - “MS070-300: Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures” - this coming Monday. I’m more uncomfortable with this test than I have been with others; they really are testing for “Software Engineering The Microsoft Way” and coming from a more real-world perspective, this inconsistent theoretical crap is really tough for me. I end up answering the questions the way you would in a real-world situation, but those answers end up being wrong because they’re not Microsoft answers.

A couple of friends of mine here at work have taken the test and they say it’s easy enough. Here’s hoping they’re right. In the meantime I’ll be studying my ass off.

I rented some movies this weekend and so far I’m not too impressed.

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle was iffy at best. Random plot interspersed with overdone effects scenes and implausible stunts that destroy your suspension of disbelief. My dad told me as much, but somehow I didn’t pay attention. Pass.

The Silencer, a low-budget movie about a hit man, was not only poorly acted but poorly written. In fact, I don’t know where one problem ended and the other began. Was it bad because the actors read lines like they were on cue cards? Or were the lines themselves so bad that it didn’t give the actors much to work with? Does it even matter? Pass.

I have another movie, The Art Of War, but I haven’t watched it yet. We shall see.

I should probably work at work, huh?