Melting Off

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The ice looks like it’s starting to melt off, but I just watched a 4x4 spin all of its wheels trying to get through our parking lot. I saw that they started the bus running outside the apartment this afternoon, so some people must think it’s getting better.

I called Comcast to get my cable Internet service running but the account’s in Jenn’s name so I have to call back with her and have her either order it or authorize me on the account so I can order it. I think I’ll just have her put me on the account so I can call them whenever I want and get service or handle problems.

Regardless, it’s supposed to warm up this weekend so by Monday we won’t have the ice or snow anymore and I’ll be able to take my time setting up the high-speed Internet. That’s going to rock; I can hardly wait.

I thought I had mentioned it before, but searching back through my blog I don’t see where… Anyway, when I got my new computer, I hooked it up and all was well. For a while, though, my 21” monitor was having these odd brightness/contrast issues where it would be totally bright and hard to look at even with the brightness turned all the way down to 0. I noticed that I had my speakers parked kinda close to the monitor, so I moved them away and that seemed to fix things. Turns out, I think that was more of a coincidence than anything because it’s doing it again. I suppose the monitor has probably reached the end of its natural lifetime. I’ve had it for… uh… like 7 or 8 years now. I think I paid like $1000 for it at the time, though, so that averages out to almost $125/year for the thing. I’d like it to last longer. I guess I’ll ride it out until it’s so bright you just really can’t use it, then I’ll buy something new. I’ve got my eye on one of the LCD flat panel monitors - save me some desk space - but they’re so expensive. That’s something I’ll really have to think on.