Kick Me In The Icehole

personal comments edit

Cabin fever has officially set in (seems I’m not the only one - Greg’s had it, too). I’m working at home - again - and not having set foot outside the apartment for the fourth day in a row is working its desctruction on me. Jenn was able to make it to the corner store last night - barely - to get us some food, but the store was entirely out of eggs and almost out of milk, so they’re screwed, too, being without stock.

Overnight everything iced up again and while I feel like I should just go into work for the social bit of it, I’m sitting in my dining room right now watching someone who’s stuck in the apartment complex parking lot spinning their wheels on the ice… no thanks. They’re not even running busses around here. No way can I make it to work.

I’ve added a new category - Geek Moments - to start handling the tech-related postings I have. I’ve already posted one today about the new features in ASP.NET. Woohoo!

Well, I should actually get some work done. Some time around midday I’m going to call Comcast and get my damn cable modem thing going. I can’t be having this dial up thing anymore.