Country Cousin

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Saturday was the family meal.

See, my grandfather likes to get the whole family together and then, rather than getting people gifts, he buys lunch or whatever. Usually it takes place at some “halfway point” since half of the family lives in the Seattle, WA general area and the other half lives around Portland, OR. Last year we went to Spiffy’s, and it was… not so good. This year we ended up at the Country Cousin restaurant in Centralia, WA for breakfast.


I can’t really complain so much, since it wasn’t nearly as bad as last year. We got there about 15 minutes early, and all of us (my parents, sister Tori, Jenn, and I) were totally hungry after driving two hours for breakfast. We had the room in the back to ourselves and when we got back there we saw that most everyone was there already.

I ordered the chili omelette, I think Jenn had some “meat lover’s omelette” or something… It was all pretty uneventful.

Highlights of the trip included:

My aunt telling us about how she went out dancing the night before and had some little Mexican guy saying, “Spank me! Spank me!” at her.

The waitress. (She was hot.)

The photo op outside. There was one of those walls with peoples’ bodies painted on it and holes cut out so you stick your head through the hole and it looks like your head is on the painted body. One of the holes was about a foot off the ground and the painted body was a dog. My dad got his head down and stuck it through the dog hole. I’m hoping those pictures came out.

That’s about it. Generally uneventful, which is surprising considering the crew we had together there. I think next year we may pass on the trip, though; driving that far for a quick meal isn’t a whole lot of fun, especially when we see everyone at different times throughout the season anyway.

Onward to the holidays!