Time For A New PS2

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I played around with my PS2 some more last night and it turns out I’m not only having trouble with Time Crisis 3, but also SSX3 and SSX Tricky (among others). So while the console plays DVD movies now, it plays fewer games than it did before I sent it in.

I called Sony and I’m going to send them back my console and they’re going to send me a new, working unit. Postage paid and all! So while it’s been a pain to have to deal with it, Sony seems to have done their best to make things right, which, again, is better than I can say for most technical support situations I’ve been in. No fighting, no hassle.

Unfortunately, I think that means I’m going to be PS2-less for the holiday season unless they can get their shipping on. I suppose that’s okay. It’ll give me a chance to catch up on movies and reading, and maybe even install a *gasp* PC game or three. I have a load I’ve been wanting to try, I just haven’t gotten to it. Now that I have a new PC, there’s no reason not to.