Microsoft Office 2003 RAP Plaque

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I’m sure you all remember the SharePoint Portal Server work that I was doing for several months in a row just a little bit ago. Well, that was part of the “Rapid Adoption Program” for Microsoft Office 2003. Today, in the mail, I got a plaque for my efforts:

Office 2003 RAP

It says:

Microsoft Office Worldwide Office System Rapid Adoption Program Thank you for your outstanding contribution

I’m sure they printed like a million of these things, but I don’t care. Normally my reward for putting up with shit is… more shit. This time I got a plaque. (I’m still dealing with Portal Server, but the difference here is the recognition that I’m doing it.) I think that’s pretty cool.

(Oh, and it’s actually rectangular; it’s just the camera I used to take the picture has a bit of a fisheye to it.)