Nothing Lasts Forever

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Well, I knew my good mood couldn’t last forever, and after Sunday’s beating, it didn’t have much left to it. Today pretty much killed it off.

I’ve fought with things pretty much all day long to get them to work correctly. I mean, everything down to the weather was against me.

I went during lunch to UPS my PS2 to Sony. It was clear when I looked out the window then it started raining buckets as soon as I stepped out the door. I got to the UPS place and stood in this ridiculous line for like 20 minutes, then as soon as I was done, the rain stopped. Fucking figures.

Our marketing department pisses me off, too. We recently put out a press release telling people at the bottom of the release to “go request such-and-such whitepaper at the web site.” Prior to release, I informed the marketers that we don’t have anywhere for people to request such things. Do I need to create something? “No, they’ll just email us.” Are you sure? I mean, people see something like that, and they want a form. “No, don’t worry about it. They’ll just email us.” Fine.

The request came in today - around a week later - that they need a form for this whitepaper thing. Except now it’s a last minute emergency instead of something I could actually have taken some good time with and made extensible and functional. Thanks for the forethought, guys! Everything with marketing is always a fucking fire drill. One would think that, as capable humans, they’d learn by now. Maybe I’m overestimating their abilities. After all, these are the people who gave the graphic designer full credit for the web site I built.