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I was looking at my blog this morning and I realized that there’s still a lot of work to do. I have some keen ideas for fixing it up a bit that, pending on how much time I get this weekend, I may get around to doing. Then again, I may save it for next weekend when Jenn’s at work so I can actually concentrate on it.

Things I want to do include: Get rid of the huge list of “date” links along the side navbar. That’s nuts.

Make the templates a little more standardized by using includes rather than having the template physically on every single page. That might not make sense to the non-technical, but basically, I want to maintain my template in one spot, not on each page. Easier to update, right?

Fix the TrackBack thing. It doesn’t seem to want to put the TrackBack URL in there.

Fix the admin interface so entering entries with formatting is a little easier. Greymatter had a much better interface so I’ll probably just rip off some of the Javascript from there and integrate it into the pMachine interface.

Fix the little blurb things (see just below this entry) so that if I make them links to stuff on Amazon, you can mouseover the link and see a picture of what I’m talking about. Sort of like a picture tooltip.

Put my Amazon, BlogSnob, and AllPosters affiliate stuff back on the site. It may not actually generate any revenue, but they make it look special.

Put my junk store, wish list, and sites-to-visit links back up. Almost more for my convenience than for yours, since you cheap-asses never seem to buy me anything, nor do you buy anything from me.

See if I can somehow get the center column to dynamically size itself so those with higher resolutions on their monitors can fit more on the screen. I had it working this way before, but for some reason it broke, so I took it out.

Change my “about” and resume pages over to PHP to take advantage of the new template.

Fix the little butterfly in the top corner of the page so clicking it takes you to the home page.

Lose the calendar in the left bar. Is that really any help to anyone?

Update my terribly out of date “about” page.

Fix the entries on the blog that have pictures. The images need to move to the pMachine “upload” directory and the location in the entry needs to be changed. Also, the “pop-up” window functionality for images has been lost in the move to pMachine so I need to build that back up again and put it back in the appropriate entries.

Fix entries that link to other entries so they don’t link into Greymatter.

I think that’s it. At least for now.

In other news, I’m stewing a little over the whole Playstation 2 debacle. I’m really hoping I don’t run into trouble when I call them Saturday (and I know I’m going to end up calling them). Maybe just this once things can work out right the first time around? Stay tuned…