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I’m going to call this the official move announcement for paraesthesia. I’m running pMachine as my blog now, and will no longer be maintaining the Greymatter blog I was using. If you’ve found me and you’re reading this message, this is the place. Welcome. I’ll be continuing to tweak the template and fix things as I find them, but it’s functional and I need to get things moving on this.

You’ll notice I now have an RSS feed that you can subscribe to, and if you register as a user you can also be notified of things as they happen (like the paraesthesia mailing list, right?). Plus, if you want to leave a comment and you’ve logged in, you won’t have to type in all of your vitals - it’ll just know you.

And who knows? Maybe soon I’ll have some “members only” stuff (not like the jackets, more like stuff that only members can get to). I suppose it depends on how many folks I can get to register. We’ll see.

In the meantime, like I said, I’ll keep working on this thing and we’ll see if we can get something good done. I know there’s some work I need to do on the administrative interface to get the macro keys to work closer to Greymatter (I had that totally customized, man, and now… primitive).