Driving The Speed Limit Is OK, Too

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Today’s Traffic Asshole is actually from Tuesday, but I got busy.

Every Tuesday I go downtown Hillsboro to get my allergy shots. Heading down there, I ended up getting behind this fellow:

Slow does not equal safe (5k

This fine driver decided that it would be somehow safer to drive 25mph in the 35mph speed zone. Here’s a message to all of those “safe” drivers out there:

Going 10 miles per hour under the speed limit doesn’t make you a safer driver, it makes you a traffic obstruction.

That was in the fast lane, too. At one point I was blocked behind him, and in the other lane was another slow-mover. I thought to myself, “Great - Mexican roadblock.” Then I remembered what area of town I was in and realized they very well probably were Mexicans. Ironic.

The picture I caught the guy in, he was finally moving into the slow lane, which was moving faster than he was. This is where he decided to cut in front of me, because driving slowly in front of me somehow makes people happy.