Completed The Coat

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My finished Halloween costume (18k
image)I finished my coat last night, washing it for the first time since it was fully assembled and then pressing it. My hem’s not terribly straight, but the coat is flowy enough that I don’t think you’ll notice. As you can see, it’s very similar to the coat Keanu Reeves wore in the second Matrix movie, but mine doesn’t part in the front under the buttons the way his does. Damn close, though. I’m pretty proud of it - it’s the first article of clothing I’ve ever really sewn.

I stopped after work to have dinner with Todd, a friend of mine I hadn’t seen for a long time. It was good to see him again and catch up.

After I got done with that, I started heading home, but it took me 30 minutes just to get on the freeway and get to the next exit, just one mile down the road. I got off the freeway and stopped at Fred Meyer and wasted an hour in there so the traffic would die down. I ended up making it home around 8:00p. Ridiculous. The only thing that happened was that it had rained that day. We’re in Oregon, folks. It rains all the time. Figure out how to drive in it.

I saw that the Indiana Jones trilogy is out on DVD. I’ve got a $10 off coupon for it at Costco; I’ll have to go this weekend and pick it up.

I’m really digging iTunes for Windows. It does everything I want it to, with a few shortcomings:

  • It doesn’t synchronize your contacts with Outlook
  • It doesn’t automatically start up when I plug my iPod in
  • When you lock your workstation using CTRL-ALT-DEL, it pauses playback (which is a problem if your screensaver locks your workstation but you’re still listening to music)

The demo project I’m working on is quickly coming to a close. I’m done with it on November 7th, when we have to ship it to the sales guys so they can prep and show it to customers at RDC. Which means there are two more weeks until we’re done… not much time, and a lot still to do. Here’s hoping.

…Okay, I just typed this up and tried to post it. Got a “server not found” error. ARGH. Hopefully I’ll get this thing posted at some point today.