Problems Here And Gone

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I noticed for the last couple of days that my DNS forwarding from to was on the fritz. Not sure why, but it’s back now. That’s a Good Thing, because I didn’t want to have to fight the powers and move my DNS forwarding to someone else. What a pain.

My POP3 mail is back online, so I’m able to use Outlook Express instead of stupid webmail, and I’m mega-pleased about that. Took long enough.

My demo project at work is coming along well. I think I’m beating the expectations, which I try to do, and which I think people appreciate. I’m working off a 24 page spec document (each page has a screen shot of what they want), and I’m on page 23. Of course, page 24 is a bulleted list of things they didn’t have time to mock up screen shots for…

I’m getting HDTV from Comcast this weekend. Tomorrow morning the cable guy should be at my place to swap me cable boxes and provide my gateway to the world of the HD. Looking forward to that. High-definition Alias, here I come!

Apple finally released iTunes for Windows, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I was using ephPod (because Musicmatch Jukebox is a hunk of shit) and ephPod was giving me errors and refusing to sync my stuff. iTunes works perfectly (so far) and - best of all - it’s free. I’m digging it. At some point, I may even buy stuff from the Apple Music store.