Windows Product Activation

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I’ve run into my first major issue with Windows Product Activation, and as far as I’m concerned, this is fucking ridiculous.

I took the last two days to build up my new desktop workstation here at work. I installed everything, configured everything, set everything up just so. Worked great.

After all that, I was given a larger hard drive to install. Cool, right? So I ghosted my existing installation, swapped drives, and put the ghosted image onto the new drive. Done.

Boot up, log in, and… Windows can’t validate my license. My volume license that shouldn’t need validating.

I’m running a repair on the installation right now to see if that fixes it. If it doesn’t, well… I guess I’ve got a project for the weekend. I can’t allocate any more time to it next week, and I need this thing running by Monday.

Fucking hell.