Festival Du Weekend

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I posted my Underworld review yesterday, so I’ll tell you what I did this weekend today. Now that it’s already Tuesday.

20030922_tjfront (4k
image)Friday was the intern at work’s last day, so we took him out to lunch at Chang’s Mongolian Grill and signed this terrible shirt that Jenn’s grandparents got me for Christmas and gave it to him. The Worst Shirt Ever. And there’s another one, waiting here for the next intern. Yeah, I got two of those mothers.

After work, Greg and I went to see Underworld, the review for which I’ve posted already. It was decent.

Woke up the next morning to find that Chang’s had a negative effect on me all the way around. My stomach was rumbly and the apartment smelled of farts and garlic. I guess I woke Jenn up in the middle of the night by farting in my sleep (hehehehehe). I think I’d best lay off the Chang’s.

Saturday I went to the first Winter Hawks game of the season, and I hope that the season opener is indicative of what we can expect the rest of the season. Not only did they win and fight, but they also scored during the “Pizza Schmizza Magic Minute,” which means we all got free pizza. Doesn’t get much better than that.

While at the hockey game, I was talking to my friend Jerry’s daughter, Suzanne (who, by the way, is hot like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless), and I came to find that she didn’t know what funk music was. How do you describe funk? I named several artists, and she’d never heard of any of them. She’s 21, and I’m only 27, but that makes me feel old. Kids nowadays, man.

Sunday I went to see Bubba Ho-Tep at Cinema 21 with my friend Darren. It was a reasonably funny movie about Elvis in a rest home, fighting a mummy who eats the souls of old people. Sound silly? It was, but it was entertaining.

Yesterday was my sister Tai’s birthday, so Jenn and I headed over to my parents’ house for cake and ice cream. It was a decent family gathering. Tai said she was glad I was there, but was a little disappointed that I didn’t call her in the morning to say happy birthday. Two things on that: first, I don’t call anyone for holidays, or much anything else for that matter; second, I don’t remember getting any call on my birthday. Hmmm. Okay, then.

Sunday (the 28th) is Tori’s birthday (my other sister). But she’s in Utah, so no family gathering.

I was listening to the Scorpions song, “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” and I was thinking about the whole “Hurricane Isabel” thing going on right now and how it used to be “Tropical Storm Isabel,” and it got me wondering… when the Scorpions wrote that song, did they sit around and think, “Hmmm… ‘Rock you like a tropical storm?’ No… ‘Rock you like a tornado?’ No… How about ‘rock you like a squall?’ Uh-uh. Oh, I got it! ‘Rock you like a hurricane!’ Yeah, I like that!”