Ich Kann Nicht Den Regen Stehen

personal comments edit

I was listening to my iPod this morning, set on random, and it only seemed to play either German music (in the original German, like Nena’s 99 Luftballons or Falco’s Vienna Calling) or music about rain (like Tina Turner’s I Can’t Stand The Rain or Eurythmics’ Here Comes The Rain Again). It was sort of eerie.

I passed my test yesterday, and it was sort of interesting because they had stopped giving scores on the Microsoft certification tests, but I got a score. I passed with a 913 (700 being the minimum passing score). Assuming all of the questions are equally weighted, that means I missed five of the 55 questions… but since that doesn’t quite work out to 91.3%, I don’t think the questions are all worth the same. Regardless, they also broke the score up into topic areas (like different points the test was trying to cover) and I got “strong” ratings on all of the areas (ratings range from “strong” to “needs development”), so I’m feeling pretty good.

That leaves me with one more test before I get my MCSD.NET certification. The next one, Analyzing Requirements for .NET Applications (or something like that), I haven’t had the class for; I only have the practice test. I will have to look over the practice test to see how the questions look. From the title of the test, I’m thinking I may be able to muddle through.

But not tonight. Tonight, in celebration, I’m taking the night off from studying and, since Jenn’s out at one of her meetings, I’ll be playing Playstation. Oh, yeah.

You know, this morning driving in to work I had a lot more to say. I don’t even remember what now. Man, such is the way my life’s going anymore. I can’t remember shit.

My boss was telling me that he may not be able to post his thoughts as cathartically on his blog as I do on mine because he “might say something he’ll regret.” I dunno about that. I mean, it’s your site, right? Why be censored? There’s gotta be somewhere in the world where you can just be you without having to factor in what everyone else thinks, otherwise you’re living in a prison. I mean, if the company wants to fire me because I say something they don’t like, well… I guess in that instance I’d decide that working for the Third Reich is not quite where I needed to be. But that hasn’t happened (yet) so let’s hope it never comes down to that. Right?

I’ve been getting random job-offer-related spam lately in my inbox (how can you take a job offer that gets mass-mailed seriously?). For those recruiters who are sifting through sites and wanting me to come work for you, here’s the deal:

You have to offer equal or better benefits compared to what I’m getting now. You definitely have to offer better pay, and probably significantly so since changing jobs is a big pain. The position has to be a permanent, full-time position - I don’t do contracts since I don’t like guessing whether I’m going to get paid again, and I don’t do part-time because I do need to pay the rent. I’m not interested in relocating unless you’re really paying well, and by that I mean I’m not relocating if I can’t get rich off you or have the potential of retiring 10+ years early. Moving around for the same amount of money just won’t cut it. And, finally, I am getting certified as an MCSD.NET. That means I’m working with some pretty recent technology and am doing well with that. I really don’t want to go back to programming VB6 stuff or writing low-level shit like device drivers, nor do I feel the need to work in Windows 95 or even Windows 98 anymore. If you’re not in the now, don’t bother spamming me.