A Break Today

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I decided, since I’ve fought enough with SharePoint Portal Server 2003 today to last three lifetimes, that, in the immortal words of McDonald’s, “I deserve a break today.” Though not necessarily in the implied proverbial “McDonald’s Way.” Instead, I went to the cafeteria and got myself a pepperoni and garlic pizza, a favorite among my colleagues in the department.

Jenn and I watched a movie last night, Holes. It’s a family movie, but it was surprisingly well done and I didn’t feel cheated out of my time like I usually do with family films. The character played by Jon Voight reminded me very much of my grandfather, which was a little scary.

I got notification today from Microsoft that I’m officially a Microsoft Certified Application Developer in .NET, and I should be getting my certificate (suitable for framing) in the mail shortly. That’s cool; it signifies that I’m making progress, which I like.

I think Jenn and I will be going boating this weekend with some friends of ours that we haven’t seen for a long time. It’ll be good to get out, and even better to see them again. Fun stuff.

While cruising around, I found this site called JList that carries all sorts of Japanese contraband of dubious nature. They’ve got some Domokun stuff on there, which is cool but expensive, as well as some… interesting “photobooks,” as they call them. Heh.