The Weekend Rundown

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Tubby is a box of Clif bars (3k
image)Came home Friday evening and, after dealing with the illegal parking on the part of my neighbors, was greeted with the sight of our tubby cat impersonating a box of Clif bars. She is too much.

Friday night rented Chicago, The Guru, and Versus.

I thought Versus was supposed to be some really cool Japanese sci-fi thing, but it turned out it was more like some guy who got bored with his buddies and happened to have a videocamera. What a load.

The Guru was clever and funny, though not necessarily too original. Fun for a rental, glad I didn’t pay theater prices.

Chicago. Sigh. I really don’t know what to say about this. I’m not a fan of jazz music. I’m not a fan of the 1920’s - 1930’s era. Two terrible tastes that taste like shit together equals Chicago. Technically the movie was well done - good costumes, good choreography, good cinematography… as an entertainment piece, though, suck-city. I only paid a buck to rent it and I didn’t feel too cheated.

Saturday did the usual chores and whatnot. In the evening Jenn and I hung out with some friends of ours and watched the Best of Will Ferrell DVD, which is too funny. It was nice to have some folks over.

Oh, also on Saturday I took like six or seven games for my PS2 (they were both PS and PS2 games) in to the used game store and traded them in for credit. With the credit, I bought a used copy of Amplitude (a music game that’s like the most fun party game ever) and reserved a copy of Soul Calibur II for when it comes out on Wednesday. Should be fun.

Sunday Jenn and I washed our cars and gave the tubby cat a bath. I thought she’d be all wild, but she just sat there, stunned that we would even conceive of such a notion as bathing her. She’s not so tough looking when she’s all soaked.

Wow, now that I’ve typed it out, it looks like we didn’t do much. It sure felt like we were totally busy. Weird.