Settin' Up To Go

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Well, gang, today’s going to be a busy day. But first, the weekend.

Went to see American Wedding and liked it quite a bit. It wasn’t by any means original - I mean, you’ve got the first two, and this is a sequel - but it was enjoyable.

Watched a few DVDs at home, washed the car, did the usual house-oriented stuff. Nothing too exciting.

Today, though, is going to be a big day.

First, we have my “Programming Windows Apps in C#” test, which I don’t anticipate being too difficult, but I’m always leery of things that seem too easy.

And second, I’ve got space on a new server and I’m going to try to move the blog over there. I don’t think it should be too hard - basically a copy/paste style operation - but, again, I’m leery of things that seem too easy.

Anyway, the net result of that all is that I’m a little anxious. Plus, I probably won’t post again (and will be turning off the comments feature so the site can’t change) until I’ve gotten the site moved over, which should hopefully be by the end of the day. I’ll throw redirectors and notices up here for folks that have stuff bookmarked to ensure that everyone can get back here.

Wish me luck!