The Late Show

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Got home after work last night and planned on just sitting around as I usually do (oh so motivated am I) and maybe studying a little, but stuff happened.

First, a good friend of mine stopped by who I haven’t seen for a while and gave me a belated birthday gift that was far above and beyond anything I could have asked for, and it was very hard for me to accept (but, hey, twist my arm…): A 15GB Apple iPod MP3 Player.

Needless to say, I was shocked, but I thanked him for it several times, and I still don’t think that’s enough. That’s, like, the coolest thing ever.

Then later on, my friend (and boss) Greg called and we ended up going to see the late showing of Terminator 3.

You gotta love T3. The first one was a classic, and the second was great but took itself pretty seriously. In this one, you could tell they had fun with it. The director (or writer, or both, or maybe just everyone on board) was all, “Hey! This may be a story about the destruction of humanity, but it’s also an action film, so what say we blow some shit up? Get the SWAT team in here, God dammit! Where are those bazookas? They were supposed to be here hours ago!” I think this was probably my favorite of the three, just because it was all about the fun of the action movie and not about teaching us a lesson. Deep? No. Fun? You better believe it.

Oh, and my sister Tori in Utah called and left me a happy birthday voicemail yesterday. Better late than never(?).

So, a day after my birthday (well, two days, if you count today) and maybe things aren’t so bad. I mean, I guess sometimes it just takes people a while to “catch up” or whatever. Heh.