Programming with the .NET Framework, Part 2

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There’s some road work down the street and someone cut the power to the classroom (and, conveniently, the bathrooms). Not all the classrooms, mind you, just a couple, which includes the one I’m in.

We’ve got some big orange extension cords running in here from another room now so we can work. It’s pretty crazy.

I worked last night on some of the lab work I missed from my Programming Windows Apps class and a bunch of concepts came clear. After that, I decided to try some of the flash cards that came with my practice test for Programming Windows Apps - you know, just to see how I’d do.

There are three difficulty levels on the cards - Easy, Medium, and Hard. I was able to answer almost all of the Medium and Hard questions but the Easy ones stumped me. I wonder what that means…


The air conditioner’s off and it’s getting hot so they just brought us popsicles. I got grape.

Now I’m craving Otter Pops.


Well, it seems that the extra extension cords they’ve run to get our computers up and running are now blowing transformers because they can’t keep up with the increased power drain, so now we have to turn off our computers. Not so great, since that’s how we do labs. Unbelievable.

So I’m going to save this and turn off the computer, and if I can I’ll post later today or, I guess, tomorrow if we don’t get back up.