Programming SQL Server, Part 5

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I got in to class just as it was starting at 8:30a because I had to stop in and get my allergy shots today. I hate not getting in a little early, but it couldn’t be helped.

Jenn and I watched this movie on… uh… some cable mystery movie channel… last night called B. Monkey. It was described as “A shy schoolteacher gets pushed into the dangerous London criminal underground when he gets involved with a sexy jewel thief.” It sounded interesting. It should have been described as “A sexy jewel thief gets pushed into the average everyday life of human beings when she gets involved with a shy schoolteacher.” There really wasn’t any “London criminal underground” going on there. Maybe a robbery and a couple of guns. That’s not a gangster movie, that’s a love story.

That said, it had Asia Argento in it, who is hot like nothing else, and there was more than the requisite amount of nudity involving her (full frontal, baby!), so while the plot and other characters were generally weak, I couldn’t complain entirely about the movie proper. Anything with lots of Asia Argento is well worth my time.


Lunchtime already, but I didn’t bring a book with me because I didn’t want to start something new and get sucked in - I need to focus on studying for my tests.

Speaking of books, I bought two books yesterday for my trip (though, again, I’m not going to start them until I’ve done some of the studying for my tests): Jennifer Government by Max Barry and Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. I will probably start reading the Barry book first, since I am more sucked in by its premise, but the Colfer book looks pretty good, too.

I’m pleased with how my blog is turning out using the CSS formatting instead of the table and hard-coded styles, but the conversion is a big pain in the ass. I’m finding that there are lots of things that I still need to make styles for that are hard-coded in the templates, and some things that I forgot were in the templates that I need to clean up. The worst/biggest pain is going to be the comments portion of things - making sure the forms all work properly, still look decent, and all that… eh. What a bitch.


Okay, well, I didn’t really go to lunch because I wasn’t really hungry, so instead I hung out with Kate (the receptionist) and Jerry (the instructor), who, coincidentally, also did not go to lunch. It was cool to just hang out and talk with folks on a social basis since I haven’t had time to go hang out with friends or anything for a while. Plus, they’re really cool, so good times.

I’m still hoping to get out of here early so I can go wash my car. Rumor has it we’ll be done by 2:00p.


Last lab…


That’s it! I’m gonna pack up and go wash/wax the ol’ car.