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A whole lot of nothing went on this weekend, but the high and low points are reviewed herein.

Friday night we rented Analyze That and I watched it while Jenn slept. It was an acceptable sequel, but honestly I had been hoping that she would have been able to get the movie Equilibrium since I was looking forward to seeing it.

That wasn’t possible, though, because after going to two Hollywood Video stores and a Blockbuster, we couldn’t find it. Hollywood didn’t carry it and Blockbuster only had three (missing) copies.

So. Analyze That. Eh. If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one. I thought the first was okay, and I thought this one was okay. Done and done.

Also Friday night I pulled out my Dremel tool and started cutting pieces off of Jenn’s old (reads: no longer attached to her arm) cast. I got a couple of cuts made and then the sucker just crapped out on me. Seriously - no matter what I did (letting it cool down for several hours, taking it apart and cleaning EVERYTHING, etc.), it still wouldn’t start up again. How irritating is that?

Which meant that Saturday was spent on a mission to find the same (or better) model of Dremel tool for a reasonable price. After going to several stores I discovered that you really can’t buy just the Dremel tool; you have to buy it in a “kit” with attachments. The cheapest kit I found with the tool I wanted was $50 at Home Depot, but they didn’t have it in stock.

So I bought it online.

Then I called my dad to see what was going on (and to make sure we were all still on good ground) and he told me he rented Equilibrium. Dammit! I ended up weaseling my way over there with Jenn and we watched it there.

It rocked. Seriously, very cool. I’ve ordered my copy off Amazon today and I recommend you do the same.

It’s basically Fahrenheit 451 updated for the new age but well worth the watching. Great action, great story. Admittedly predictable, but getting past that, loads of fun. Check into it.

Sunday I woke up with the worst headache I’ve had in a long time. I was sick to my stomach, tired, and just not feeling well. I tried sitting calmly and watching a movie (after medicating with some Excedrin Migraine), but that didn’t make anything go away, so I went back to bed. Which means I got up at like 7:00a because of the woodpecker (I’ll get to that in a second), went back to bed by 10:00a, and then got up again around 2:00p… and I still had my headache. I ate dry toast because I wouldn’t be able to keep anything else down, but around 4:00p I got this pizza craving so I ordered some delivery.

I probably got rid of my headache by 5:30p. I took, over the course of the day, four Excedrin Migraine tablets, four Advil pills, and two generic Aspirins. Probably too much, but then, if it’s not working… :)

Now… the woodpecker.

Jenn and I have been hearing noises like something fluttering around in our chimney. We reported it to the apartment complex, who looked and found all of the screens around the exhaust pipes and things intact, so they said we were imagining things (basically). Well, it turns out that it’s not IN the chimney, it’s NEXT TO the chimney, and it’s gone beyond fluttering now - it’s a fucking woodpecker and it’s having a ball with my chimney. We wake up every morning now to the sound of a tommy gun firing in the living room. Let me tell you how well that makes you feel first thing when you wake up.

We reported this updated information to the apartments and they said we’re not the only ones that the pecker is fucking (pun intended… mostly). They just don’t know how to get rid of it. Try Google, people. I found an answer in about three minutes. (Apparently the woodpecker is marking his territory or something. Fuck that, man.)