Killer Dreams

personal comments edit

I had this dream the other night that Greg Brady was a serial killer and I was the next victim.

The thing about it is, I don’t know if it was a movie I was watching in my dream, or if that was just the dream. Around the time that I was going to find out, Jenn got up to pee, then came back and started a fit of sneezing. Halfway through the sneezing fit, the cat started crying really loud outside the door and decided it would be a good idea to just stand in the middle of the Sofa Scram mat so the alarm would just stay on. She doesn’t like the sound of the mat, but I think she realizes the humans don’t like it, either.

Fucking cat.

When I have weird dreams like that, Jenn and I will compare in the morning to see whose dream was weirder. But it’s no contest; when Jenn dreams, she dreams “realistic” - only stuff that could actually happen. My dreams… whoa, Bundy.