Playoff Assholes

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The Winter Hawks never cease to piss me off. I pay like $500/seat for the regular season and they suck ass. All season long they lose. Then they try to gouge me for another $300/seat for the playoff tickets, after just barely making it to playoffs by the skin of their teeth. Thinking to outsmart them (and because I wasn’t keen to invest the $600 for more losing game tickets), I declined the offer. I’ll be going to the entire next regular season, though.

Now, of course, the bastards are winning - who’d have thought? - and I don’t have my God damn seat on the glass. Doesn’t that just fucking figure?

As luck would have it, Mom called me up earlier today and she got some free tix to the game tonight - game 6 of 7 - so I’ll be able to maybe see them move from the first to the second round. On the other hand, if I go, I’ll probably end up jinxing the whole thing and they’ll just lose. Which would make some sick sort of sense.

Went running errands this weekend and while at Fred Meyer I noticed that their video games are all 20% off. That’s a pretty good deal, so I picked up Metroid Fusion (for my GBA) from them. The sale’s on until the end of tomorrow, so if I can find a place that has The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (also for GBA) available, I’ll pick that up, too. I looked around for Amplitude (for PS2) but didn’t find it.

I’m pretty much over my chest cold now, and aside from some minor congestion, I’m doing well. Thanks to all the folks who left concerned comments on my blog (Tanya). Those who didn’t can take a long walk off a short pier.

My dad and I have been working out together on Monday and Thursday evenings in the fitness center at my apartment complex. Not that it makes weightlifting fun or anything, but it helps a lot to have someone to go work out with. Besides which, it’s cool to hang out with Dad. Dad rocks.

Anyway, that working out is helping to get me a little more active than I normally am. Which is good, because I’m back to wearing my older (larger) pants size again - up to a 36 inch waist from a 34. I suppose I should expect a little of that. My diet, while I’ve not been eating too much, hasn’t really changed, while I’m now working out and beginning to build muscle mass under my flab.

Of course, I’m not wearing larger pants because I’m buff.

Saw the latest John Travolta/Samuel Jackson film, Basic, on Saturday. I liked it, as did Jenn and my dad. Mom wasn’t too keen on it, but Mom’s not much for movies that twist and turn to hard. If you like movies that twist and twist and twist again, this is definitely for you. If you have trouble keeping track of who is really double-crossing who, I’d say you might want to pass on it. Or rent it so you’ll be able to pause it and write stuff down. It’s pretty confusing if you’re not paying attention, but for those who want to invest the time, you’ll be amply rewarded.