GBA Accessories and Spam

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There’s something about porn spam in my Inbox that just gives me the warm fuzzies. Especially the myriad ads for “Enhance Your Penis” or “Extra Length!” That’s just great. Please, send me more of those because you know as well as I do that I click on every single one of them and find them all worthwhile.


Some are legitimately clever, though. I think my favorite recent one had the subject, “Satisfy your woman you pindick.” That definitely makes me want to click it. Morons. People who spam people should be fucking shot.

Okay, so I found some GBA accessories I need to get…

  • MP3 Player - This actually comes in two varieties: the SongPro ($100) and the Innovation ($60). The SongPro is better with more features and higher quality sound, so obviously that’s the way I’d like to go.
  • TV Converter
    • So you can play the game on the TV instead of on the little screen.
  • Personal Organizer
    • Turn your GBA into a PDA…
  • Macro Kit
    • A kit with a small carrying case, a headphone adapter, headphones, and a car charger. At $15, I think I’ll probably just order this and call it a day.
  • Ergo Grips
    • Hand grips that attach to the GBA to relieve cramps.
  • Flash Advance Card - A card that allows you to put downloadable game ROMs on it and then play them on your GBA.

By the way, I’m still loving my GBA SP. However, I’m realizing that, as simple as the unit is, that doesn’t make the games any easier. I’m still as bad at Mario Brothers games as I ever was. That doesn’t make it any less fun, though.