Upcoming Reunion

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I got notified via Classmates.com that my 10-Year High School Reunion is coming up in July.

There are three events over the course of three days. The first night there’s an informal dinner at a local pizza joint. The second night there’s formal dinner and dancing at a local college. The third night (afternoon, actually) there’s a potluck picnic in a park with softball and volleyball.

I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of days and I’m not sure what to make of it. I went to Jenn’s high school reunion and it was lame, even according to her. I don’t know if mine will be that lame, but I’m beginning to wonder if all reunions aren’t just a little lame. I never really got along with most of the folks in high school, either, so it’s not like I’m dying to see most of them again. The ones I really got along with I still talk to.

So why go?

Actually, I’m still puzzling that one out. As one of the valedictorians of the class (we had two), I spoke at graduation. I guess that sort of makes it my civic duty to show to the reunion, doesn’t it? But then, people didn’t like me so much (at least, that’s how I felt), so maybe not.

A short while ago I was flipping through my senior yearbook. Honestly, if you covered up the names in there, there’s no way I could tell you who 95% of those people are. I don’t remember; it’s been blocked from my mind.

I hope there will be nametags if I go.

If anything, I am thinking I’ll go to the formal dinner/dance thing. I think the most people will turn out for that one, and I’m not much for socializing at informal gatherings of people I don’t really know (at least, not anymore). Also, the formal event is a “no kids allowed” deal, whereas they can go to the informal ones. I’m not so hot on kids, so that’s a big plus for me.

I asked a friend of mine, Lisa, if she is going to the reunion. She hadn’t heard about it, which makes me wonder if the only folks who know about it are the ones on Classmates.com. That would suck, wouldn’t it?