Irritating Parties

personal comments edit

I just got this company-wide email that there’s a surprise party for the guy who just got promoted from President of the company to President and CEO. This gets me to thinking (as I am wont to do)…

Nobody throws parties for me or my group. We’re the IT people. If stuff breaks, we hear about it. When things work, someone else gets the credit. Now I get this notice that this guy got promoted from making way-too-much money a year to more-money-than-I’ll-see-in-my-lifetime a year, and he gets a party?

This whole thing rubs me the wrong way. I mean, this is like throwing a party for the cast of a successful Broadway production and not inviting the stage hands. You rely on the stage hands and technical crew. If they don’t do their job right, the stars of the show look bad and the whole production fails. But who gets the kudos? The asshole on stage who can barely remember his lines.

I suppose I should just accept the fact that I, like most folks out there, am in a totally thankless position. I suppose I should just move on with life. But stuff like this bugs me, like, on a gut level. This guy would be President and CEO of Cardboard Box Land if it wasn’t for people like me and my group.

Consider me pissed off.