And I'm Spent

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I’m not fighting fires anymore at work, which is good, considering that it took me until today to struggle out of the debris of the server crashing around me.

I have learned something through this process: If a computer says anything to the effect of Hardware Error on it, fix the damn thing immediately. Don’t put it off and hem and haw around on it. It will screw you in the end.

With the work thing, it’s been an overly hectic week so far. I’m feeling stressed out and have adopted an equal-opportunity style of hatred - I hate everyone equally, and a lot. I’m really, really tired and I’m becoming anti-social because I feel like there’s always someone else that has some problem that has to be fixed right fucking now and I wish people would just leave me alone with that crap.

It’s been suggested that I take a vacation or something. The only thing I get out of a day of vacation is one more day behind in the stuff that I need to get done. With the way we’re so short staffed around here, there’s no one here that can pick up the slack if I take a day off; everything I have to do actually requires personal attention. Let me tell you how annoying that is.

The spare bedroom is almost cleaned up and sorted out after the Great Storage Closet Move of ‘03. It’s looking much better now that things have been mostly boxed up, but the boxes are all strewn about the room and things need to be stacked up and stuck in the closets around the house where they belong. The living room looks less crowded with one less bookcase in it, that bookcase having been transplanted in the spare room. Hopefully we will be able to cram a chair in that other room, too, which will open up the living room more than I can explain. As it is, I’m enjoying walking about unhindered, not being so closed in by the skinny passageway between the kitchen and the living room.

I had lunch at Carl’s Jr. today. I cannot begin to describe the tasty morsel of food which is their Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

I’m looking at my phone here at work… the message light is blinking but my phone never rang. How can you get voicemail if no one calls you? This is ridiculous.