Memory Leak

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I came in to my blog a couple of minutes ago hoping that there was a new post to read when I realized that it was my blog and there wouldn’t be anything new unless I wrote it.

I think I’m losing it. Maybe I have a memory leak.

I went to get my allergy shot this morning and was the first person there. I’m always the first person there. I get there at like 7:40a and they don’t open until 8:00a, but the door’s open so I just go in and read whatever book I’m reading until I can get my shot. I went in today and it was colder in the doctor’s office than it was outside. How is that even possible? If the heat is off inside and there’s no air conditioning, wouldn’t the inside heat up and cool down at roughly the same temperature as the outside? Not this time.

Went to Amazon today to fill up my pre-order schedule. I like getting prizes in the mail. I ended up buying:

I even still had a $5 promotional gift certificate in my account. How sweet is that? Free shipping, and I’m good to go. I should be getting something fun and new in the mail every, like, week or two between now and April.

Due to my fear of atrophy (and the fact that Jenn and I both have these distinct non-abs where we should see abs), we’ve started another get-in-shape routine. The flavor this month is BalanceBall. We got one of those big yoga exercise ball things and a beginner’s workout DVD because we’re big pussies.

After doing it a couple of times, I’ve had a chance to form an opinion. First, this is definitely my kind of workout. It’s mostly stretching and relaxation, so after I’m done I’m totally chilled out. Second, I’d much rather sit on the ball and bounce like it’s a hippity-hop than actually do any sort of workout. The thing is, bouncing on the ball is also good for you if you do it for like 5 minutes or more. Finally, the chick on the yoga video is one of those fruitcake hippies who tells you to breathe and “create space inside yourself” and “feel the stress flow out of you” and crap like that. The chick bugs me, but the workout’s pretty decent.

The only problem is that because it dedicates itself to showing you relaxation and stretching techniques, there’s no workout to it. That is, I’m not toning up by lounging around. Now that we’ve done this one a few times, I think Jenn’s looking at getting a new one that has a little more work to it.

Hey, man, anything’s better than sit-ups.