Sideswipe Estimate Complete

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I went in this morning to get the estimate on the damage from the sideswipe on Friday. The body shop guy looked at it, noticed that it spread from one panel (my rear bumper) onto a second panel (I got nicked on the rear driver’s side panel, too) and let out a low whistle. I didn’t find that a good sign. My tail light on the driver’s side was also cracked.

In the end, the repair cost tallied up to $1067.38. Thank goodness for insurance, is all I have to say. The tail light alone cost like $200 to replace.

I’ll take it in Monday to have them start work on it. I’ll be getting a rental car, which is good. Last time I had to get my car fixed I ended up driving The Babemobile (which has since been sold off). I can only hope I don’t end up in some stupid Ford Escort.