It Has Begun

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Jenn sent me the following note just now…

Your UPS delivery was there when I left to come to work. I am prepared for you to drive me nuts for the next few weeks.

It’s there! It’s there!

I’m stoked. In case you didn’t already know. I shall be playing a bit of the old ultraviolence tonight with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!

While we happen to be on my current favorite topic, I have been listening to the soundtrack box set continuously and have arrived with some critiques:

There are several great songs on there, but in some cases, the song on the album is not, in my opinion, the best song by that artist. For example, Spandau Ballet’s Gold is on the album, while everyone knows damn well that Spandau Ballet’s big hit was True. There is a certain underrepresentation of the mainstream. By that I mean: where are the songs by Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac, Cyndi Lauper, Wham!, and Madonna? None of those entities are represented on this set, and I think they should be.

Aside from that, I still recommend the whole set. I’m diggin’ it hardcore.

One random thought to post at the end, here: I saw a Schwan’s truck today and realize that they’ve been delivering groceries to your door since 1952. I wonder if HomeGrocer and such services feel like they’ve been beaten to the punch?