Perfume Death

personal comments edit

There are three kinds of perfume in the world: hot and sexy; mild and demure; and overwhelmingly terrible.

Jenn wears a perfume that is classified by me in the “hot and sexy” category. Some folks might consider it “mild and demure.” Grandmothers unfailingly pick the “overwhelmingly terrible” category. Salespeople usually do, too. (Note that in perfume, “more” is not always “better.”)

My cubicle sits adjacent to the local meeting area. We don’t have a conference room in our general location, it’s more of an open air affair

  • a table with a bunch of chairs. Convenient when I have a meeting to attend; decidedly inconvenient when I’m trying to work and there’s a meeting going on.

There’s a meeting going on right now, I don’t know who with, but there’s a lady over there with perfume on in the overwhelmingly terrible category. I don’t know what it is, but it’s giving me a migraine. I actually think I may complain to the boss over this one.

Once he gets out of that meeting, that is.