New Feature - Categories! (Sort Of)

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I added a new feature to the ol’ bloggeroo, here. If you look off to the left in the navigation column, I’ve put two more links: “Reviews” and “What If?”

The Reviews link will (should) get you to my reviews of movies and such. The What If? link should get you to my more random “What if the world was like…” style articles. Like my People Pellets article.

I’m hoping to make both of those sorts of items more frequently, so I’ve added faster access to them.

The crappy thing is, Greymatter doesn’t support categories. Yeah, I should probably shut up because it’s free and all, and I don’t have access to a database, so I can’t use Movable Type or anything, but regardless, Greymatter doesn’t support categories. What that means is that I “categorize” my articles by the contents of the title: “Reviews” articles start with “Review: “ and “What If” articles start with “What If?”

What that further means is that I’ve exploited the search feature of Greymatter to search for articles that contain that text, so if you get improper results from the new links, that’s probably why.

If they don’t work, let me know; I only tested this thing in IE6 because, well, that’s what I use and I didn’t want to install Netscape. I used to have Netscape AND IE6 on the same box, but that machine crashed a while ago, so… yeah.