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I’m going to start right off and be the overly insensitive asshole that I probably am.

I am beyond tired of hearing about the September 11th attacks.

This in no way implies that I don’t respect the efforts of the people involved with the rescue and cleanup, that I don’t feel bad for the losses that occurred, or that I don’t understand the impact or the magnitude of the event. What it implies is that I’m the kind of person who would rather continue on with life and fight for improvement than continually regress and mourn.

The media today is eating this up. The radio’s talking about it, the TV’s talking about it, it’s in the newspapers, on web sites…

Have you ever said a word so many times, over and over, that eventually the word sounds funny to you and you almost forget what it means? That’s September 11 to me. It’s lost all meaning in the larger context because I’ve been so bombarded with it, so beaten with it, that I really just don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.

So, I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off that no matter where I go, I can’t escape it. And just as folks should definitely have the right to mourn their losses, I should have the same right not to have to listen to the whining.

All right, I’m done. For now.

Went to see Stealing Harvard last night on sneak preview. Eh. It was pretty funny. I laughed in parts. It’s not as funny as I’d hoped it would be, but it was good. Jason Lee totally carried the movie - Tom Green was sort of funny but ended up just coming off as irritating in many parts. Leslie Mann is hot, so that was an upside, and, of course, Megan Mullally is always entertaining (and hot, even when she plays white trash). In the end, though, I was glad to have gone to see it for free. It’s a rental at best in my book.

And another band I’m curious to know what happened to: Pop Will Eat Itself. Loved these guys before, still love ‘em. What happened?