Speech Patterns

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I was watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back last night and started to realize that movies totally shape the way I speak. I’m not sure if I actively try to change to speak like movies, or if I just sort of pick up on little phrases, but I know that there are phrases and patterns I pick up from watching these things. Now that I think about it, it’s usually more phrases than anything. For example, if someone has a collection of items and asks me which one’s mine, I’m hard pressed not to answer, “Mine’s the one that says ‘bad mother fucker’ on it.” Describing a chaotic scene? “Dogs and cats living together…”

I’m not sure I can control it. Maybe I don’t even want to. I guess I assume it makes me a more interesting person to talk to (especially if you know which movie I’m referencing) but maybe it just makes me annoying.

The new season of Alias starts on September 29. I’m so looking forward to it. Honestly, more than any other show I watch, I’m waiting for Alias. Those bastards know how to keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, Jennifer Garner. Yow.

And they have Alias trading cards coming out. Gotta be gettin’ these.

Oh! Jenn and I saw Signs this weekend. I thought it was pretty good. I can’t say it’s my favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie, but it was good. If aliens really were to invade, I think it would happen a lot like that, rather than the more commercial-yet-action-oriented Independence Day. I’d recommend seeing it, but don’t look for the traditional M. Night twist-at-the-end. It was just a straight-up, good film. I don’t know that I’ll be getting it on DVD, though. It was good, but I’m not sure that I’d watch it over and over. Give it a run, see what you think.

Watching my Buffy Season 2 DVDs this weekend I noticed that on disc 2, title 3 (“Lie To Me”), starting at chapter 5, 1:52 into it until chapter 6, 0:16 into it, the disc won’t play. I’m not sure why. It isn’t dirty or scratched. I tried it in my PS2 and the same problem occurred. So it’s not the player, it’s something wrong with the disc.

I went to Fred Meyer to exchange it, but after finding that they didn’t have it and then calling several other locations, I am going to have to wait until Tuesday when they get a new shipment in. I even tried the Freddy’s by work, but no luck.

I did, however, exercise my distinct lack of self control and purchased a Mucha print (Bières de la Meuse) that I’ve been wanting for a month or so now. Couldn’t stand it any longer. I don’t think we have any room for it at home, but we’ll see. If not, it’ll go up at work. Love the Mucha.

I also bought a ratcheting screwdriver with a set of bits because we have tools around work but… no one can ever find them. It cost me all of $6 for the thing, so I can’t really complain. Now I’ll have my own screwdriver, so I’ll always know where it is.

No, you can’t borrow it. It’s mine.