It's Hot! Damn Hot!

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I saw a little guy in an orange robe just burst into flame. It’s that hot!

Yesterday it was record heat in Portland. I guess it’s the first time in years it got over 100°F. It was also a record energy usage day. All I know is it was hot, and it’s gonna be hot today, too.

I went in this morning to get allergy tested so I can start up on the shots. As well as the medications work, I don’t want to be reliant on them. Jenn scared me by saying they were going to prick my back a bazillion times and it’d itch so bad I couldn’t stand it. That’s not actually what happened. What they did was they pricked my right arm a few times with the major stuff - dust, grass, various pollens - and left that for 15 minutes. Then they looked at the results for those and put a more specific set of allergens on my left arm based on the results from the right arm.

Turns out I’m allergic to dust and most pollens. Big surprise there.

It wasn’t so bad, though. I can ignore my arm itching; my back would have been a problem. Plus, the ones that reacted really quickly, before the 15 minutes were up, got treated with some anti-itch lotion immediately. No problem.

Now I go in again next week to get tested one last time. They’re going to mix up a couple of possible shot treatments and I’ll get tested to see if I react badly to them. If not, I’m good to go and I can start taking the shots weekly at a clinic much closer to my work. Excellent.

ClarksonI watched American Idol last night and I must admit my opinion has changed as to who my favorite is. Up until fairly recently, I was a huge Nikki McKibbin fan. As time has gone by, though, and I’ve seen more of what the various contestants can do, I have to say that, while Nikki is fun and has a great attitude and is original, she just doesn’t meet the talent shown by some of the other contestants. She’s good, but not that good. (I’m sorry Nikki, but it’s true.)

My new favorite is Kelly Clarkson. She seems sort of next-door-girl-ish and is really, really good. After her performance during the “Big Band” show, singing “Stuff Like That There,” I was converted. That girl can sing.

I’ve also changed my opinion of the stupid hosts on the show. Not only do I really hate them, I hate them so much that I am starting to hate myself for putting up with them. I can’t imagine, right now, anyone I really hate more than them. Maybe Bin Laden. Maybe.