Too Much Shopping

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I went on a mission last night to find my Ottawa Senators home jersey but failed miserably. I am surprised at all the myriad baseball, basketball, and football paraphernalia found at sports fan stores around and the distinct lack of hockey or soccer stuff. Not that I’m a soccer fan, but those two sports seem vastly underrepresented in the merchandising arena, at least in the Portland, Oregon area.

So after calling around to some places this morning, I ended up ordering it off the NHL site. There were other sites that had Ottawa jerseys, but none had the home jersey. So, NHL it is.

I also started cashing in my Yahoo! Visa points for SuperCertificates so I can buy the James Bond Collection, Vol. 1, from Amazon. Once I get those points cashed in, I’ll probably order that and my copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City since they both come out within three days of each other.

And I ordered The Bourne Identity (the TV miniseries) and a book from the Barnes and Noble site because they’re offering free shipping on any two items you order, which I find more acceptable than Amazon’s current promotion of free shipping for orders over $49. Barnes and Noble was more expensive for each item, but with the free shipping thing I saved, like, a buck or two.

I really need to stop buying things. I’m actually putting quite a cap on the stuff I’ve bought lately since I got my frickin’ Visa bill. YOW! Time to make use of the things I have and stop getting new things. Of course, not buying stuff means not going too many places, which is fine with me, but Jenn gets a little restless at times. Besides which, the stuff I like to do at home (reading, art projects, PS2, etc.) is usually inherently one person stuff, and it would be nice to involve Jenn in the stuff I’m doing.

Oh, well. Such is life.