Sysadmin Day

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I woke up this morning 10 minutes before my alarm went off because a guy in my dream shot me in the nuts with a silenced .22 semi-automatic pistol.

I really should probably stop reading spy novels.


Today, as many may know, is Sysadmin Appreciation Day.

And let me say that I have the coolest boss ever, because he got me a $50 gift certificate to ThinkGeek in honor of said day.

So I clicked over to my ThinkGeek Wish List and ordered myself up a SoundBug and a cool SQL t-shirt. I’m stoked.

I pulled out yet another nice, chilly beverage from the refrigerator under my desk this morning. I cannot stress the convenience I’ve found in such a thing. I really need to get some running water and a microwave in here.

I still haven’t decided what I should get with the money from the other fridge. I figure I’ve got about $80 to work with, so I could get lots of small things - DVDs, CDs, etc. - or I could get one big thing. I’m leaning towards one big thing. But what? Options include…

  • Ottawa Senators home jersey
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (preorder) - I’d actually probably get this at Software Etc. at the mall because you can preorder and get a free strategy guide with it
  • The big Alphonse Mucha book I’ve been looking at
  • A glare screen for my television (the glare on our TV is awful)
  • A hooker (okay, I was kidding about that one, but I had to make sure you were still paying attention)
  • A Cost Plus World Market shopping spree (which would last about six seconds because I like all the expensive stuff in there)

I’m just not sure. I’m sort of an impulse shopper, so I don’t know what I want until I walk through the store and see it. I’m leaning towards the Senators jersey, though. You can never have enough hockey jerseys. Stylish and comfortable.

I think I will go this weekend to see the new Austin Powers movie. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, so I’m hoping it’s as funny as it sounds. I crack up every time I see the preview where Austin is staring at Fred Savage’s mole. “MOLE! Moleymoleymoleymoleymoley….” It just never gets old.

I still haven’t seen Men In Black 2 yet. I heard it wasn’t all that and a bag of chips, so I guess I’ll wait for it to hit the Bagdad and then go see it for three bucks.