Wasted Time

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I got to thinking this morning in the car on my way to work that I commute probably 30 to 60 minutes each way to work and that’s sort of a waste of time. I’m starting to consider getting some sort of “Learn Language X on Tape (or CD)” package so I can maybe learn something while I’m wasting time getting to work.

I mentioned this to a couple of the guys at work and they claimed that music was enough for them. I thought about that, and I guess I like listening to music on my way to work, but I need a big variety and I always want something new. I love all the CDs I have now (and I have quite a few) but I always crave something new and different.

That led me to think maybe one of those CD clubs like Columbia House or BMG might be an idea. The problem with clubs, though, is twofold: First, I will never remember to return the stupid card every month in the mail that tells them not to send the damn “CD Of The Month” to me; Second, the selection there is lacking. Searching for “Kylie Minogue,” for example, on either of the two aforementioned clubs yields no results. Not so hot, especially considering that my taste in music is usually not as mainstream as they offer. Are there any better clubs out there?

So for now, I’m still pondering what to do. Something has to be done since my commute is the lamest part of my day, hands down. And, no, I’m not moving closer to work. Not if I can help it. I hate it in Hillsboro.