Medal of Kylie

Yesterday I went on a mission to find Medal of Honor: Frontline for the PS2. I went to two different Fred Meyer stores and neither had it.

They did, however, have the Kylie Minogue album, Fever.

I bought it, and I dig it thoroughly.

I don’t think there’s really a bad song on there. I definitely have my favorites, but I don’t out-and-out dislike any of them. Never really having listened to her before, I am very pleasantly surprised. I may have to pick up some of her other albums.

Anyway, back to the Medal of Honor discussion.

So I went to two different stores yesterday with no luck. I called another one once I got home, though, and they said they were getting a shipment in overnight and they should be on the shelves by morning.

I stopped in this morning and they weren’t on the damn shelves.

They were, however, in the freight boxes, still unpacked. I got one fresh out of the box and bought it immediately. Hopefully it will prove to be vastly less frustrating than Devil May Cry was.

For the techies out there: The project I’m working on at work has taken a downward turn. It turns out there’s a memory leak in the PKMCDO object library somewhere that causes the program I wrote to just eat up memory like nothing else. So the code is getting a significant overhaul to lower my reliance on the problem library while we look into getting Microsoft to fix the memory leak (or tell us how to work around it).