Double-Wide Shine on the Boothills of Your Prime

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Quite the weekend.

Saturday was errand day. The usual vacuuming, shopping, and so forth. Lame.

I did, however, buy the Cake album, Comfort Eagle. Something about Cake just rules; the way the lyrics have a certain cadence and a… deliberate meaning. Very cool. Besides, I heard the title track on 94.7 FM on Friday on the way home, and couldn’t get it out of my head.

So that was Saturday.

Sunday, however, was another issue entirely.

Woke up Sunday really too early. I think it was like 6:30a. Took a shower and decided that it was time to rearrange the living room.

After Jenn and I really started looking at it, we realized that simply moving the furniture around was not going to suffice. We wanted the room to have a sort of French feel to it, to go along with the Moulin Rouge! posters we have in there. After checking with the apartment manager, we decided we needed to paint the front room. (The manager was actually pretty stoked to see what it was going to look like when we finished. She likes the art in there already.)

Hit the local Home Depot and found some beautiful Ralph Lauren paint (and, of course, tinted primer) in “Cobalt” (blue) and “Donegal Tweed” (pale yellow). Got all the brushes and crap to paint with, borrowed the rest of the stuff from my mom, and home we went, ready to paint.

Started moving things around, getting them out of the way, and taping things off around, oh, 2:00p. By 9:00p we had finished the yellow wall (two coats) and had covered the blue wall (which is about twice the size of the yellow wall) in the blue primer. After that, it was time to quit for the night. It bothers me that it’s not done yet, but we’ll hopefully finish it up tonight and do any little touch-up work on the corners and stuff. Then we can start putting the room back together. It’s starting to really take shape, though, and I love the dimension that the blue gives the room.

Now we have to find a decent bookcase to store all the DVDs and videos in and some nicer endtables. Then the room will be pretty well done and we can start the next one.