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Okay, maybe not California Highway Patrol. More like “paint chips.” As in, “I found yet another chip out of the paint on my car that needs to be touched up.” This totals three. I did the touch up on two of them, and I think I need to give a little more attention to one of those (it looks… okay… but not the best). I found the third yesterday, and it’s about the size of a pencil eraser. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?!

I called the body shop I usually go to in these cases and they said they’d just be doing the same thing I’m going to be doing - touch up by hand - unless I want them to actually repaint the whole panel. Which I don’t. It’d cost me roughly $45 to get them to fix it, so I may as well do it myself, since it sounds pretty hit-and-miss anyway. And, if all else fails, I can always go in and have them touch up my touch up.

What a big pain. How come they don’t make, like, indestructible paint? Or, better yet, cast the car in the appropriate color metal to begin with, so that the color is actually part of the body? Or at least mold the plastic bumpers in the proper color so they don’t chip. (I haven’t had any bumper problems, but that’s still a good idea.) Maybe I’ll call someone and suggest that.


I’ve found a place that carries my cocktail table and will sell it to me and ship it out here for a grand total of about $565, which is cheaper than the base price anywhere else has offered it at. I’m going to do some last minute calling and we’ll see if someone out here can price match that. I doubt it. I talked to a local dealer and the problem is twofold: First, they don’t normally carry that table, which means it’s a special order; Second, the table weighs 90 pounds, so it’s going to kill me in freight. I don’t know how this other place is doing it, but if I can save the $100+, I’m going to do it.