Dancin' Machine

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[Days Until Vegas: 18]

I got my dance pad in the mail on Tuesday and tried ol’ DDR out using that instead of the standard controller.

Man, have I got the mad dancin’ skillz!

Actually, to be totally honest, I barely made it through the tutorial. I’m able to do a couple of the songs, but I really need to practice in order to get, well, coordinated. While “dancing” (and I put “dancing” in quotes because that’s pretty much what I’m doing), I noticed a couple of things:

  • You pay extra money for a hard dance pad for a reason. The soft ones, while affordable, do slide around a bit. I may have to make a more solid base for mine and somehow anchor it down.
  • I am so out of shape, it’s utterly pathetic. I break a sweat doing a simple two-step. Just pathetic.

It’s a lot of fun, though. I can see how I could get addicted to it pretty quickly. I should probably finish up Grand Theft Auto 3 and Rez before going too far with DDR.

In other news…

The Alias site on ABC.com has some cool new wallpapers you can download for your computer. I’m stoked they finally have one with Jennifer Garner in the blue rubber dress she wore in the episode she went to Russia. I think that’s my favorite outfit she’s worn on that show, though I can’t really complain about anything else she’s worn. She’s a hottie, regardless. This one just makes me feel like rubber dresses should be a more commonly worn item of apparel.

Then again, there are lots of folks who definitely don’t need to be wearing anything rubber.

I went to the doctor yesterday and got some samples of Allegra. You only take one a day, and I’m still on my first one that I took yesterday around noon. So far, it’s okay… I suppose I was hoping to be totally cleared up, but what I’ve got going now is more of a “not-really-congested-but-still-a-tad-runny” situation. I go to an allergy specialist next Wednesday to see if I can get something better. I like the idea of the allergy shot, but I’m deathly afraid of needles. Also, I remember my dad having to give himself shots, so that’s totally out of the question for me. I don’t like receiving shots, so there’s no way I’m giving it to myself. Unless it’s, like, an injection gun of some nature. I’m not worried so much about the pain as I am about the needle part.

Finally, tomorrow is (what they bill as) the series finale of Lexx. I’m sorry to see it go, but better go out at the height of the show than wait for it to get lame. This will also free up some TV watching time that I can allocate to something else.