Secrets of Liberty City

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Jenn is gonna be so pissed

I went to this Cheat Code Central site and found all these secrets and cheats for Grand Theft Auto 3. There’s a bunch of stuff I didn’t know about, like if you get a certain number of these hidden packages that are stuck around the city then you get more weapons that regenerate around your hideout. That’s cool, since right now I just get a baseball bat and a gun would be handy. There are also all of these hidden missions around the city…

Looks like I’ll be spending some quality PS2 time tonight. I hope. :)

Talked to my mom at the Fred Meyer main office and it looks like I may be SOL as far as the Tom Jones selection at Freddy’s. Guess I’ll have to hit Tower or something this weekend. Sigh. Not that I’m disappointed to go to Tower, but I was hoping to have my Tom fix sooner rather than later. Oh, well.

I ate some Red Vines this morning and it reminded me how good they are. I hadn’t had them for a while. Tasty! Something I don’t understand, though: black Red Vines. Shouldn’t Red Vines be, well, RED?

Maybe I’ll have to get some Red Vines this weekend. A tub of those things lasts forever, regardless of how much you eat. It’s like magic.

I’ve got this set of Rollerscape in my cube. It’s pretty sweet. I’m thinking I need more pieces, though, since the size of the marble raceways you can build with the starter set is a little limited. I need to be able to build something that’s, like, as tall as I am. It’d be much more impressive that way.