New Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

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I’m pretty busy today, so I’m going to have to be brief…

I just noticed there’s a new volume of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack out. I guess I’ll be spending some hard-earned cash on that one soon; it’s got “The Pitch (Spectacular! Spectacular!)” on it - how can I pass that up? The first volume has ingrained itself into my brain, I suppose this one can take its rightful place alongside it.

The review on the page for this new volume says that “there are but two kinds of people in the world: Those captivated by Baz Luhrmann’s heady, postmodernist musical romp Moulin Rouge–and everybody else.” I think I’m going to have to agree with that. It’s not for everyone. Though I think many of the folks who didn’t like it might be missing the point anyway.