Contextual Quotes

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Comedian Lewis Black has a good bit he does about how certain phrases people say in their conversation stick out, sort of like someone saying your name really loud in a crowded room, so that your mind grabs hold of them and ponders them out of context.

I think the phrase Black overhears (while sitting in the local IHOP) is “If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college.”


Right. So I was thinking about some of the conversations I’ve had recently, and I realized that a lot of the stuff I (or, more directly, the people I’m talking to) say is extremely context-sensitive. My favorites as of late: “Holy shit, Suze! I was just on fire!” (Which was followed closely thereafter with “And then, after I put myself out…“)


I just got a call from the auto body shop. My car is fixed! That’s a really good thing, since that means I don’t have to drive The Babemobile all weekend.